I'm old

I am applying to MFA programs now and had to search through my digital pilings to find some undergraduate work. These drawings are from way back in 2007 and 2008.  I met my wife in this class, so it's a wonder I got any work done.  

Actually I avoided her... she had a boyfriend.  Whatever.

I also found an image of my final piece in my senior exhibition.  I'm the fat baby-face boy with big glasses.  

Anyway, here they are:


Episode 26 of the podcast is part 7 of the newly titled crime serial SHAMBLES.  This episode introduces a new character, the chief.  You can listen here or download through iTunes.  You can also listen through cheapfun.libsyn.com.



Call me the commissioner...

Here's a commissioned painting I just finished.  Want one?  I can do that.  Want specific colors?  I can do that.  Email me at liamfcassidy@gmail.com.  Prices are reasonable.  It's Cheap-Fun, right?  Shadowbox included!




Just put up some test shots taken with the Rolleiflex TLR.  Walked around Tower Grove Park and my neighborhood.  Wanted to see what shape the lens was in.  Not bad, but still need to play around with the camera to really get the hang of shooting with it.  I also added some holga photos.  You can check them out here.

 Eli the dog.

Eli the dog.


Just added a photography gallery.  You can check it out by clicking the NEW $TUFF link to your right.  More coming.  Working with a Rolleiflex given to me by my father in law.  Takes beautiful photos.  None to show right now, you'll have to imagine it.  Yes I was a photo nerd once.  I initially went to Mizzou for photo-journalism, though ended up getting a BFA with an emphasis in photography.  Now you know that fact about me.

 the light meter works!  I thought it didn't, but it does.  

the light meter works!  I thought it didn't, but it does.  

Ain't you lucky?

Episode 24 of Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast is up now for your listening pleasure.  The title of this month's story is Honest Luck.

Jack went into the jury waiting room early from lunch.  The televisions were on and there were a few people there watching and eating.   Jack found a seat.  It was a game show where contestants picked between boxes, threw open curtains or chose the card hidden in the host’s jacket pocket.  The contestants wheeled about on stage, a dad dressed up as a lady bug with his two daughters, or a scout troop with the youngest dressed as a tent, then there were a whole bunch of Harry Potters.  People in the audience were also costumed and excited.  Money was hidden in all types of things.  Inside giant piggy banks and gum ball machines, in the bellies of neon stuffed animals or full sized wedding cakes.  The quantity varied but there was always something there.   Jack liked the show because it all seemed to operate on honest luck, but with the added bonus that the makers of the show figured it didn’t do them any good to let people lose completely.

You can listen here:

Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast is back

We return with episode #23 Worse, the next part of the crime serial started in episode #16, continued into episodes #21 and #22.  You can listen down below, or download through iTunes. Your choice really, whatever is convenient.  I don't care.  Maybe subscribe through iTunes would make me feel better about myself.  That way I get to see the little download stats go up.  It's cool though no pressure.  DO IT!


GOOD NEWS, Strong Force Vol. III has just been released today, June 1st 2014.  You can get it here.  My friend Sam made the music along with a few other talented people. The album is GREAT!  

I did the cover art in case you don't remember.  I talked about it earlier on the blog.  Oh you didn't read that one.  Ok that's cool.  Oh you're going to read it now?  Ok I'll wait.... The page won't load?  Ok well...  I did the cover art.

Also released today was the twenty second episode of Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast.  This episode carries on the story started in episode #16, and episode #21.  You can subscribe through the iTunes store.

What else...

Here's this:


Shape Party

Check out the "Color Studies" gallery for some new paintings.  I don't know why I titled the gallery "Color Studies"...  I was going to call it "Shape Party'.  Damn, now that I write that it looks better.  I'll change it later. Anyways, the gallery is very much dedicated to color relationships, so there's that...  There's a lot of build up, and taking away.  Focusing in on the interesting areas and defining them.  Take a gander:


Paid the cost to be the boss.

The upcoming Cheap Fun! episode will feature the next section of a story that started with episode #16 Special Occasion.  This episode introduces retired cop Rob Gibson.  In it he comes across a blindfolded woman sitting in a truck.  If you have not listened to that episode you should because it is what I'm considering as "Chapter One" for the moment.  The next part introduces new characters and has a different tone but is part of one overarching story.

I'm not saying anything else about that.  Nooooooot gonna commit.  No sir.

But yes, if you like "to be continuers" tune in May 1st.  Tune in, meaning, download from iTunes.

It is a podcast.

Also I paid off my car.  Now let's go crash it.

Feeling Strong

I just completed the cover for Strong Force's  album* Demos Vol. III.  The album has not been released yet but you can listen and buy some other stuff here.  You can see Strong Force in action tonight at Meshuggah Cafe (6269 Delmar University City), along with some other talented folks.  The show starts at 9:00.  

They have beer.

*I'm not sure if Sam considers this release an album.

Garbage Rocket to the Moon

April 1st is my brother's birthday, he will be fifteen years old.  Oh, to be young, wide-eyed, squeaky voiced, and still growing with the possibility that you could be seven feet tall. 

The next episode of Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast has nothing to do with all that.  Actually, this story takes the form of a letter to a district alderwoman written by a grumpy constituent with a lot of time on his hands.

Here's an excerpt:

There’s no real point in complaining.  I complain, you complain, and all our complaints bounce off one another and make for some nonsensical background noise that you only notice when you’re trying to sleep.  It's like realizing how close you live to the highway, and how many dumb bastards ride around on motorcycles.  No use in complaining about it.  What are you going to do?  Drop cinder blocks off the overpass?  I already tried that.  Sometimes is just better to leave the dumb asses to kill off themselves, am I right? 


Oh yeah!  How's that for hope?  Check it out April 1st.  You can subscribe through iTunes or by whatever means you find appropriate.


New and improved...


I finally shelled out the bucks for a new, all inclusive super site! This is the spot where you can get the news on what I'm up to, upcoming events, and episodes from Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast.  A new episode will be posted the first of each month on this blog, or you can get it here and here