New year not so bad

I have some good news starting out 2016:

A story of mine was nominated for a graduate fiction award.  The winner will not be announced until the end of the spring semester but I'm plum happy to be nominated.  It's a wonder what a little encouragement can do for a writer's ego.  Now I'm running around campus with a loaded revolver, regaling innocent bystanders of the magic of opium and old fashioned type-writers.  

Also, the Regional Arts Commission has taken pity on me again.  Ok, well, they awarded me an individual artist support grant to help fund my trip to Galway, Ireland this summer where I will be studying Irish literature and writing.  Thank you RAC!

Like I said, not a bad start.  Though David Bowie died.  How come KSHE95 doesn't play more Bowie?  Rush, Rush, Rush, Zeppelin, Rush, Bob Seger, Rush, Billy Squire, Rush, Sammy Hagar...  anyway, that's a St. Louis problem.