Ain't you lucky?

Episode 24 of Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast is up now for your listening pleasure.  The title of this month's story is Honest Luck.

Jack went into the jury waiting room early from lunch.  The televisions were on and there were a few people there watching and eating.   Jack found a seat.  It was a game show where contestants picked between boxes, threw open curtains or chose the card hidden in the host’s jacket pocket.  The contestants wheeled about on stage, a dad dressed up as a lady bug with his two daughters, or a scout troop with the youngest dressed as a tent, then there were a whole bunch of Harry Potters.  People in the audience were also costumed and excited.  Money was hidden in all types of things.  Inside giant piggy banks and gum ball machines, in the bellies of neon stuffed animals or full sized wedding cakes.  The quantity varied but there was always something there.   Jack liked the show because it all seemed to operate on honest luck, but with the added bonus that the makers of the show figured it didn’t do them any good to let people lose completely.

You can listen here: