Garbage Rocket to the Moon

April 1st is my brother's birthday, he will be fifteen years old.  Oh, to be young, wide-eyed, squeaky voiced, and still growing with the possibility that you could be seven feet tall. 

The next episode of Cheap Fun! The Short Story Podcast has nothing to do with all that.  Actually, this story takes the form of a letter to a district alderwoman written by a grumpy constituent with a lot of time on his hands.

Here's an excerpt:

There’s no real point in complaining.  I complain, you complain, and all our complaints bounce off one another and make for some nonsensical background noise that you only notice when you’re trying to sleep.  It's like realizing how close you live to the highway, and how many dumb bastards ride around on motorcycles.  No use in complaining about it.  What are you going to do?  Drop cinder blocks off the overpass?  I already tried that.  Sometimes is just better to leave the dumb asses to kill off themselves, am I right? 


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