First Timer

I interviewed Chinelo Okparanta for UMSL Daily, you should check it out.  Her new novel Under the Udala Trees is "sparse and haunting" as I said in the article, but I failed to mention that it is also beautiful and uplifting especially for anyone who believes in the importance of novels.  Chinelo was very cool to put up with a first time interviewer.

You can check out the story here.

New year not so bad

I have some good news starting out 2016:

A story of mine was nominated for a graduate fiction award.  The winner will not be announced until the end of the spring semester but I'm plum happy to be nominated.  It's a wonder what a little encouragement can do for a writer's ego.  Now I'm running around campus with a loaded revolver, regaling innocent bystanders of the magic of opium and old fashioned type-writers.  

Also, the Regional Arts Commission has taken pity on me again.  Ok, well, they awarded me an individual artist support grant to help fund my trip to Galway, Ireland this summer where I will be studying Irish literature and writing.  Thank you RAC!

Like I said, not a bad start.  Though David Bowie died.  How come KSHE95 doesn't play more Bowie?  Rush, Rush, Rush, Zeppelin, Rush, Bob Seger, Rush, Billy Squire, Rush, Sammy Hagar...  anyway, that's a St. Louis problem.

Cluck & Buck

The first six pages of Cluck & Buck are now online.  You can see them here if you are so inclined.  C&B is a postmodern epic, a work as exhaustively significant to the 21st century as Joyce's Ulysses was to the 20th.  Its sprawling, encyclopedic narrative and penetrating analysis of the impact of talking chickens and rabbits on society make it an intellectual tour de force. 

Nahhh, its mostly dick jokes.



Here is the first KU KLUTZ KLAN comic strip.  It takes me forever to digitize comics so I have more that will be up eventually, with the goal of eventually having a full CHEAP FUN COMICS book done before the end of the year. 

Thank you to those who came to N@B last Friday and the other readers who participated in the debauchery.  It was great, and now I have too many books to read.  

Noir at the BAR... er, uh... Café

I will be a reader at the NOIR AT THE BAR STL event taking place at Meshuggah Café this Friday, July 17th at 7:00 pm.  N@B is hosted by Jedidiah Ayres, and will feature Scott Phillips, Joseph Hirsch, and John F.D. Taff.  

For those who listen to the podcast I will be ending the show here in a week or so, and all episodes will subsequently be unavailable to download or stream.  Thank you to those who emailed me or otherwise commented on the podcast, I enjoyed doing it but will not have time once I start graduate school in the fall.  I am also doing some revisions on Shamble, including some adjustments to the plot that may differ from the episodes already released.  Thank you again for listening.  If you want to catch an episode before its gone go here.  

New $$$$TUFF

Adding some new images to the site, you should poke around and check it out.


dolphins and chimps

Are you saying you would kill a dolphin?

No I’m saying I would kill a dolphin, if I had to, for food.

You would eat a dolphin?

If I had to.

But they’re intelligent.

How so?

They have feelings.  They recognize themselves in a mirror.  They’re almost as smart as humans.

That’s not saying much.

Its like eating a human.

Not the same.

Totally the same.

How is that the same?

They have sex for pleasure.


So do humans.


So basically you would eat a human.

Monkeys have sex for pleasure.


Yeah like chimps.  Bonobos have sex for pleasure.  They also kill for fun.

Chimps aren’t monkeys.

Whatever.  They’re as smart as dolphins.

So you would eat a chimp?


You would eat a chimpanzee and a dolphin?

Now that you mention it, yes, I guess I would.

You would murder these animals and eat them?

If I had to…

What scenario would have to come up for you to kill and eat a chimp.


No seriously, I want to know what circumstances you imagine where you would kill and eat a chimpanzee or dolphin.  You’ve never killed anything in your life.

You’re just being mean now.

No I want to know how your mind works.  How do we get to this moment where you are feasting on dolphins and chimps.

I don’t know, some kind of apocalyptic situation. 

You figure you’re going to encounter a lot of the dolphins after the world is destroyed?

Maybe I’m lost at sea.

Dolphins save people lost at sea.


They have been known to save people lost at sea.  

How's that?

They come right up to people, you know, floating on debris or whatever, and they let people hold onto their dorsal fin and swim them back to shore.  

So they come right up to you?


That’s when I would strike.

Sale! Sale! Sell! Sold!

This months podcast episode is postponed due to some medical emergencies (I'm ok thanks) and impending deadlines for other projects.  If I can I will record a new episode and put it up soon, or else the next episode will be up January first.  Remember, you can catch up on all the old episodes via iTunes or  

I know we're all so disappointed.  Don't cry, really, it's embarrassing.

In other news Katherine Avant, the second half of this website, is participating in the Cherokee Print League Holiday Sale with her students.  This will take place Saturday December 6th.  They will be selling all sorts of goods, check out the poster.